The recent series of fronts have kept the spawn at bay.   Many bucks are moving back to the beds and cruising the flats.  Early spinnerbaits with gold blades changing to wacky rigged worms as the sun comes up are producing good numbers of 2 to 4 pound fish in spawning coves and flats.

Larger pre-spawn females to 7 pounds are holding in 15 to 25 feet of water off secondary points to the back of coves on both sides of the Rio Grande from markers 15 to 25.
The back of Cow Creek, Rock Quarry cove and Exxon cove are also producing good numbers of bass. With similar patterns.

To target trophy bass on clear days, find drains and secondary points with good submerged trees drop soft plastics in watermelon /gold or watermelon/ candy into the middle of the trees.  On cloudy days, switch to junebug or similar color.  The key is to look for large beds with larger bucks roaming the area.  It may be a slow process, because one tree hidden among hundreds may hold the bass.  The biggest bass will be in the middle of the tree.

Sexy minnow swimbaits in rainbow or Amistad Special are also very effective on cloudy windy days slow rolled through area with submerged trees.

Some coves hold fry from early spawners.  When fry are noticed, a Bomber Fat Free Shad or similar will draw the post spawn males to strike. As the April full moon approaches, look for the spawn to kick in full gear.