The boat ramp at Box Canyon, Lake AmistadThe community around Box Canyon consists of an assortment of retirement homes, weekend fishing hideaway, and a few locals that settled in to get away from it all. Until recently, to get to Box Canyon entailed a drive down a long, dust, bumpy caliche road. All but a small portion of the road that crosses the railroad track is now paved.

The center feature of the community is the Box Canyon boat ramp operated by the National Park Service. The ramp gives easy access to the upper reaches of Lake Amistad and eliminates a long run across an often rough main lake for anglers wanting to fish the Mexican Canyons and Upper Rio Grande section of the lake.

The ramp is concrete and is well maintained. It is capable of launching multiple boats simultaneously and offers ample parking. There is a large floating dock for tying to while loading and uploading. Restroom facilities are also available.

The store at Box Canyon, Lake Amistad, TexasThe activity center of the community is Box Canyon Store operated by Mario Rivero. Mario is a friendly gentleman and welcomes locals and visitors alike with a smile. The store has basic groceries, gas, and a café. In an attached room, the store doubles as a community center and pool hall were locals gather and bass clubs congregate to swap tells of the one that got away.

The Lake Amistad Marina and Resort currently has a refueling station located at Box Canyon.  There are plans to open additional facilities at their site in the near future.